Betty wrote to a friend of hers, Alan, already studying at Brighton, to ask him for his advice. Read her letter but note that the paragraphs are in the wrong order. Reorder them.

Dear Alan, Alderley Wotton-under-Edge Gloucestershire 9L 12 7 QT 30th May 2005

(A) Sorry to trouble you. and thanks in advance for your help. I'm looking forward to seeing you during the summer.

(B) However, before I made a decision, I thought I had better write to you, because you certainly have a clearer idea than I have about the sort of expenses students have. What do you think about the services the bank offers? Should I go ahead and open a bank account here or should I wait until I get to Brighton? Could you give me some advice, based on your experience?

(C) I wrote to several banks to get information about student services, and I'm enclosing a photocopy of one of the leaflets I received. It seems very easy, and you can even have an overdraft if you warn them and pay the interest.

(D) Brighton University has written to me to say I've got a place there next -year. Isn't that good news? I'm very happy that I'll be at the same university as you. I've got a grant from the local authority, but I'd like to ask your advice about money. I hope you don't mind me writing to you when you're busy with exams.

Yours, Betty

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Writing 1 An English friend is coming to your city to study at a school or university. Write a letter giving him/her advice on what he/she should/shouldn't do.

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Alan made a list of things Betty should and should not do at university, and replied to her letter. Complete his letter, basing it on the list.

DO... - remember extra expenses like club subscriptions - if your grant arrives late borrow money from your parents if you can, not from a bank - keep clear, regular accounts of what you spend - buy a bicycle DON’T... - run up overdrafts or debts - rent a flat if you can’t afford it - buy a car if you can’t afford it - spend too much money on eating out - travel home too often at weekends - buy unnecessary books; use libraries.
10 Castle Road Brighton BR2 5LO 5th June 2005 Dear Betty, Thanks for your letter, and congratulations! I'm very glad you're coming tо study here. I'm sure you'll be happy in Brighton. Personally, I think students should look after their own money, and shouldn't expect a bank tо do it for them, but you should have a bank account. No, you don't have tо open it at home. You should open one here in Brighton, because it will be more convenient. Вut you should write tо the bank you choose during the summer tо make sure you get a branch near the University. Now for my advice on what I think you should and shouldn't do as a student. First, you ................; you always have to pay them back in the end. If your grant.................. Secondly, you ................ or................. if you can't afford it. You should live in a students' hostel and.................. When you're here you'll realise there are things you must spend money on and others you needn't spend it on - if you don't want tо! You................. And................. On the other hand, you ................. or ................., and you................. Use the libraries, instead. I hope all this helps a bit, I hope to see you during the summer, and I'm certainly looking forward tо seeing you here. All the best, Alan